CCC Exemptions

Exemptions from China CCC certification are possible under limited circumstances. Most common are exemptions for temporary imports, testing samples, and small lots of spare components. Below is the full list of potential exemptions as per Announcement No.153 of 2019 from the State Administration for Market Regulation of China.

Products qualifying for a CCC Waiver:

  1. Products and samples required for scientific research, testing and certification purposes.
  2. Parts / products needed directly for end-user maintenance purposes.
  3. Equipment / components (excluding office equipment) needed for a manufacturing production line.
  4. Products imported only for commercial display or exhibits but not for sale.
  5. Product parts imported for the purpose of exporting the whole system
  6. Other situations exempt from the compulsory product certification for special purposes.

Manufacturers, importers, or representatives can apply for exemptions. However, the application process is complicated and any of above exemption are granted under limited circumstances only. To make it easy for you, TianHeng Consulting can help to do the application for you. We will support you with the whole exemption application process.