About Us

TianHeng Consulting Inc. was established in 2012 with the goal to help western manufacturers to deal with the complicated Chinese regulations and to make the China Approvals process easier.

Located in Ottawa, Canada, we provide turn-key solutions for China CCC, SRRC, NAL, and other Chinese certifications. We help manufacturers to analyze Chinese regulatory requirements and obtain necessary China approvals for their products to enter the Chinese markets.

We also provide Global Approvals services with very good pricing. This includes but not limited to FCC, IC, CE testing & certifications, as well as RoHS and REACH compliance testing. As we all know, the global compliance testing is normally very expensive if testing at North American or European Labs. To save cost for our clients and manufacturers TianHeng Consulting works together with testing labs in China to provide very cost effective solutions for the global approvals testings and certifications.

At TianHeng Consulting we fully understand our client’s needs regarding the global approvals for their products. Our targets are: make the approvals process easy and smooth, minimize the cost, and finish as fast as possible. To achieve this we work tightly with our partners in China and Canada and with the approvals authorities in these countries so that we can maximize our client’s interests and ensure the most satisfactory outcomes. Giving our expertise and capabilities for China approvals, not only the manufacturers but also the experienced laboratories and agents have sought out TianHeng Consulting as their choice for advice and to address the China Approvals issues for their clients.

The founder of the company has many years of experiences in the regulatory compliance field, especially with China regulations and policies.

Company History


  • Company established with the initial goal to help Hi-tech companies in Canada and US to obtain China Approvals for their products to enter the Chinese markets.


  • Expanded our services to include the Taiwan BSMI and NCC certifications. 
  • Established a China office in Beijing.


  • Started to provide IC Canadian Representative services.


  • Expanded our CCC scope to include Automobile products and accessories.


  • Started to provide certification services for other Asian Countries.


  • Started to provide FCC SDoC Representative services.


  • Started to provide FCC, IC, and CE marking certification services with low cost.
  • Start to provide RoHS and REACH testing services.
  • Started to provide Australian RCM Mark services.


We have been accredited by Canadian Trade Commissioners as trusted consulting services provider.