FCC US Agent Service

We provide FCC 22-84 US Agent Services for clients requiring an US Agent to do FCC ID application for their products in accordance with FCC Part 2.911(d)(7) requirements.

The FCC recently adopted FCC 22-84 on Protecting Against National Security Threats to the Communications Supply Chain through the Equipment Authorization Program. FCC also amends the Equipment Authorization Program and requires an US Agent for FCC Certification Process.

1. Our FCC US Agent

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2. The FCC ID US Agent requirements are outlined in FCC Part 2.911(d)(7) below.

2.911 (d) (7) The applicant shall designate an agent located in the United States for the purpose of
accepting service of process on behalf of the applicant.

(i) The applicant shall provide a written certification:

(A) Signed by both the applicant and its designated agent for service of
process, if different from the applicant;

(B) Acknowledging the applicant’s consent and the designated agent’s
obligation to accept service of process in the United States for matters
related to the applicable equipment, and at the physical U.S. address and
e-mail address of its designated agent; and

(C) Acknowledging the applicant’s acceptance of its obligation to
maintain an agent for service of process in the United States for no less
than one year after either the grantee has permanently terminated all
marketing and importation of the applicable equipment within the U.S.,
or the conclusion of any Commission-related administrative or judicial
proceeding involving the equipment, whichever is later.

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