China Network Access License (NAL) | CTA Certification

China Network Access License (NAL) Certification for Telecommunications Equipment, is also called as CTA Certification. It is a mandatory requirement for telecom products which are within the NAL product categories announced by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). MIIT is responsible for the Administration of Interconnection of Public Telecommunications Networks in China.

NAL certification has different rules compare to CCC or SRRC. For example, it requires that the applicant and certificate holder has to be a company physically located in China. If the manufacturer is a foreign company, they will need to find a Chinese company who works as their local representative to apply for NAL certification.

TianHeng Consulting assists you to do the NAL certification in China and in determining under which category your product falls into. We work tightly with our partnerships in China to ensure that you obtain the NAL certificate as fast as possible.

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