EPA Registration and US Agent

We provide EPA Registration and U.S. Agent services for clients who wish to register their company and products with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our services cover Pesticide Products & Devices, List N products, Inert ingredients, and Vehicle & Engine products including Portable Fuel Containers.

If you plan to sell Pesticide products or devices on Amazon, we can help you to obtain all the necessary EPA registration to fulfill the Amazon requirements so that your products can be listed on the Amazon platform.

1. EPA Registration for Pesticide Products and Devices:

1) Initial EPA Registration

  • Create a PSP account in the CDX system.
  • Apply for the Organization ID
  • Apply for the Company Number
  • Establish Electronic Signature Agreement with EPA
  • Apply for the SSTS account
  • Apply for the Establishment number
  • Initial reporting to EPA
  • US Agent service. Receive correspondence and represent the registrant in all matters concerning the EPA registration.

2) Annual Maintenance for EPA Registration

  • US Agent service (annually). Receive correspondence and represent the registrant in all matters concerning the EPA registration.
  • Annual reporting to EPA for your products and activities to maintain EPA registration.

3) EPA Pesticide Product Registration

4) State Level Pesticide Product Registration

5) Notice of Arrival of Pesticides and Devices (NOA)

2. Pesticide Devices and Products:

1) Pesticide Devices:
Pesticide Devices work by physical means (such as electricity, light or mechanics) and does not contain a substance or mixture of substances to destroy, repel, trap or mitigate any pest such as insects, weeds, rodents, certain other animals, birds, mold/mildew, bacteria and viruses.

Devices include, but are not limited to:

  • certain ultraviolet light systems, ozone generators, water filters and air filters (except those containing substances), and ultrasonic devices for which claims are made to kill, inactivate, entrap, or suppress the growth of fungi, bacteria, or viruses in various sites;
  • certain high frequency sound generators, carbide cannons, foils, and rotating devices for which claims are made to repel birds;
  • black light traps, fly traps, electronic and heat screens, fly ribbons, and fly paper for which claims are made to kill or entrap certain insects.
  • mole thumpers, sound repellents, foils, and rotating devices for which claims are made to repel certain mammals.
  • products that are claimed to control pests via electromagnetic and/or electrical emissions (e.g., hand held bug zappers, electric flea combs).
  • products that work via principles indicated in the 1976 Federal Register Notice for one category of pest but are claimed to control pests of different types (e.g., sticky traps for rodents (without attractants), light or laser repellents for birds, etc.).

2) Pesticide Products:
Pesticide Product contains a substance or mixture of substances that is intended to destroy, repel, prevent or mitigate any pest such as insects, weeds, rodents, certain other animals, birds, mold/mildew, bacteria and viruses.

Insect RepellantAntimicrobialAttractantSterilizer
AntifoulantInsecticidePlant RegulatorRodenticide
Animal RepellantAlgaecideMolluscicideWater Purifier

3. Inert Ingredients:

What is an “inert ingredient” – An inert ingredient is any substance (or group of structurally similar substances if designated by the Agency), other than an “active” ingredient, which is intentionally included in a pesticide product. It is important to note, the term “inert” does not imply that the chemical is nontoxic. Examples of inert ingredients include emulsifiers, solvents, carriers, aerosol propellants, fragrances and dyes.

EPA Listed Inert Ingredients – When we apply for an EPA product registration we need to make sure that all inert ingredients in the product formulation are approved for the proposed use. i.e. are included in the EPA Inert Ingredients List.

Trade Name Inert Ingredients – Formulators sometimes have difficulty determining whether a trade name product is permitted for use as an inert ingredient. To clarify the approved use of inert ingredients/mixtures, manufactures of trade name inert ingredients volunteered to participate in the development of a publicly-available list of trade name inert ingredients, along with the uses for which they are approved, and the manufacturer’s name.

For manufacturer of an inert ingredient we can assist to add your product into the EPA list of approved inert ingredients. For manufacturer of a trade name inert ingredient we can assist to have your trade name inert ingredient included in the publicly‐available “Trade Name Inert Ingredient” database. Contact us for details.

4. EPA Exemption for Minimum Risk Pesticides:

Exemption for a minimum risk pesticide – EPA has determined that certain “minimum risk pesticides” pose little to no risk to human health or the environment. Therefore EPA has exempted them from the EPA product registration.

How to qualify as a minimum risk pesticide – A minimum risk product must meet certain conditions as specified by EPA. A product that meets all of these conditions then is exempted from EPA product registration, i.e., the pesticide product does not need to be registered with EPA. 

We can help you to determine whether your product can be exempted for EPA registration. And we will help you to apply for the EPA exemption certificate.

5. EPA Vehicle and Engine Certification:

We help our clients to apply for EPA certification for Vehicle and Engine products including Portable Fuel Containers.

  • Register for EV-CIS: register with EPA to gain access to EV-CIS for the specific manufacturer code.
  • Account setup for EV-CIS: set up an account with EPA to establish the necessary EV-CIS roles.
  • Get Certificate of Conformity.

6. Amazon Requirements for EPA Registration:

Amazon Requirements for Pesticides and Pesticide Devices – If you supply products for sale on Amazon, you must comply with all federal, state, and local laws and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings. Per Amazon policy, only U.S. residents may sell pesticides and pesticide devices on Amazon.com. Details can be found here.

Compliance ID Attribute – Pesticide Marking – All listings of pesticides and pesticide devices require sellers to input a Pesticide Marking attribute. Listings of pesticide products and devices require evidence of an EPA registration and/or EPA establishment number or a certification that the product is exempt from EPA regulations.

You must provide a valid EPA registration number or EPA establishment number, as applicable, for each pesticide or pesticide device listing, or specify that your product qualifies for an exemption. Details can be found here.

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