CCC Conclusion Letter

According to CCC rules, to determine whether a product needs to do CCC certification or not is to use the CCC catalog. However, the decision whether a product falls under the CCC Catalog is not always clear. Since the product categories in the Catalog contain a very broad description only, it is important to refer also the underlying standards and instructions. An investigation whether a product is “out of CCC catalog” will consider the following criteria.

  • Product categories in the CCC Catalog
  • Scope of applicable standards for the applicable product category
  • CNCA notices and instructions for certification for the applicable product category (public)
  • Additional comments issued by CNCA and CQC on product classification (not public)

If the product does not fall under the CCC Catalog it is very useful to supply additional technical documentation to the China Customs when importing the product into China. This is when the CCC Conclusion Letter comes into effect. TianHeng Consulting is regularly issuing such letters to prove “out of CCC catalog” thus help manufacturers to ship products into China.