China CQC implements New CCC Safety Standard – GB 4943.1-2011

The new version of China safety standard GB4943.1-2011 has been published on Dec. 30th ,2011, and will replace the older version GB4943-2001. A major change is that the new version of GB4943 has added the 5000m altitude and tropical area requirements.

Between now and Nov. 30th, 2012, for your CCC submission you can choose to apply to the old version or to the new version of the GB4943. After Nov. 30th, 2012, then there is no choice to make you have to apply against the new version of standard.

But, in either cases even if you apply to the new 2011 spec you don’t have to meet the 5000m and tropical area requirements in the new spec. You are allowed for two options: 

1) design your product to meet the 5000m and tropical area requirements and test to prove it. 

2) Declare that you don’t meet the 5000m and/or tropical area requirements and apply warning label(s) on your product label. These options will be valid even after Nov. 30th, 2012.

TianHeng Consulting has prepared an excellent English translation of the GB 4943.1-2011 standard for $ 199.00 which can be purchased here.