EU Representative

We provide EU Authorised Representative Services for clients outside of European Union who want to sell their products into the European countries in accordance with the (EU) 2019/1020 requirements.

What is an EU Authorised Representative?

The Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on market surveillance comes into effect on July 16, 2021. According to the Regulation, if your business is based outside of the European Union, you will need to have an EU authorised representative (EAR) to verify that your products are legally CE marked and allowed to be sold within the EU.

An EU Authorized Representative is any person naturally or legally established in the European Community who is explicitly designated by the manufacturer to act on their behalf. This person may be addressed by authorities and bodies within the Community, instead of the manufacturer themselves, with regards to the requirements of this Directive.

The main duties of a European Authorized Representative include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing a registered address within the European Union
  • Keeping all technical documentation available for inspection by the European Authorities
  • Taking care of any incident reporting
  • Representing the manufacturer towards the European Commission, Authorities and Notified Bodies
  • Ensuring continuous compliance with constant regulatory updates
  • Consulting on European Regulations

E-commerce vendors

From July 16, 2021 the new EU Regulation 2019/1020 comes into effect for all e-commerce businesses which do any of the following:

  • delivers to addresses in the EU
  • accepts currencies used in the EU as payment and uses any EU language
  • has directed its marketing activities to EU consumers or other end-users in the EU.

This affects all e-commerce platforms including Amazon. All non-EU vendors must have an authorized representative for the products they are selling on the platform. If not the e-commerce and the vendor could be targeted with sanctions from European authorities.

What we do

Work together with our European partner, TianHeng Consulting provides the EU Authorised Representative Services that can help you meet this new EU requirement.

For pricing and service options please contact us at or call us at +1-613-2208490.