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Document Translation

 We translate all documents types

 - Technical documents

 - Business documents

 - Medical documents

 - Financial documents

 - Academic papers


Our services cover English <=> Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian. 


Website Localization

Providing a local language version of your company website is what we believe the first thing you should do if your company is thinking about to export to that country. Internet is very popular nowadays and most customers, buyers and importers will go to visit your company website to look for the information that they want. Having a local language version of your company website will make it much easier for them to visit. Also this will show that your company is sincerely wanting to do business with this country. 


This is particularly true for China, Japan, and Korea. So we provide the website translation services from English to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with high quality and reasonable pricing.   



Chinese Voice Over

We provide professional voice over services in Chinese Mandarin, either in female voice or male voice.

 - Documentary

 - Training Courses

 - Commercials

 - Audio/Video programs







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