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  Testing in China


As we all know, compliance testing (FCC, IC, CE, etc) are generally quite costly when performed in North American or European Labs. On the contrary, compliance labs in China usually can provide a much attracting pricing however there are other obstacles such as language barrier, time difference, communication difficulties, etc.


TianHeng Consulting provides cost effective testing solutions for FCC, IC, CE, and RoHS. You only need to work with us and let us deal with the Chinese testing labs. From your perspective you will feel the same as testing in a North American lab however the cost is dramatically lower.


 - Lab location:  our labs are located in ShenZhen city, China.

 - Low Cost: testing cost is much lower comparing to testing labs in the US or Canada.


Currently we cover the following testing and certifications:

   - FCC

   - IC

   - CE Mark

   - RoHS


Contact us for a quote at info@tianhengconsulting.com or call us at +1-613-2208490.







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