China RoHS Compliance

The China Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) regulation are similar to the European RoHS regulations however also have several differences.

  1. China- RoHS does not allow any exception for products in the so-called “Electronic Information Products” (EIP) group.
  2. Products for the end customers are required to be labeled. Suppliers do not to provide the mentioned marking but shall supply to the purchaser all necessary information required.
  3. The limitations of the restricted substances are not yet defined. They will be similar to the limits of the EU-RoHS but the CHINA-RoHS does not allow any exceptions as indicated in the EU-RoHS guidelines.
  4. The outermost packaging materials must be marked with the respective recycling logos according to GB-18455-2001.
  5. All information according to CHINA-RoHS has to be available in Chinese.
  6. The CHINA-RoHS conformity has to be confirmed by a Chinese laboratory, while the EU-RoHS conformity can be assured with self declaration.

There are two important Chinese RoHS standards. The requirements and limits are specified in the GB/T 26572-2011, the requirements  for Concentration Limits for Certain Restricted Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products. The measurement methods are specified in GB/T 26125-2011, Electrical and Electronics products – Determination of Six Regulated Substances. TianHeng Consulting provides English translation of these two standards which can be found here.