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TianHeng Consulting Inc. is a Regulatory Compliance consulting firm located in Ottawa, Canada. We are specialized in China approvals including China CCC, SRRC, and NAL with fast turnaround time and very competitive price.

For manufacturers who want to sell their products in China, we help to analyze the China regulatory requirements for their products and get the necessary China Approvals.

For companies who want to ship products into US & Canada, we help to arrange for the FCC & IC testing and certification with very good pricing. Two lab locations to choose for your convenience. Especially we provide IC Representation services for clients requiring a local representative for IC certification.

If you are interested to sell products into China or other Asian countries, contact us today and we would be very happy to assist!




     China Approvals

  • China CCC

  • China SRRC

  • China NAL

  • China CQC

  • China CC-IS

  • China MOPS

      China NAL Local Rep


     Chinese Translation

  • High Quality

  • Low Cost

  • Fast Turnaround



     China Standards

  • CNCA-C09-01: 2014

  • CQC-C0901-2016

  • CNCA-C16-01: 2014

  • CQC-C1601-2016

  • GB 9254-2008

  • GB 4943.1-2011

       English translation available!


      IC Representation

  • IC Representative

  • Professional Service

  • Fast Turnaround




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